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Tel. (866) 697-6015 x700

Tirzah Cox

Tirzah grew up splitting her time between the pacific northwest and the bay area in California. After graduating from Umpqua Community College with the highest honors in 2006, she worked in skilled nursing facilities and hospitals across the state of Oregon as a phlebotomist. 


In 2008, she transitioned to social services. Working as both an in-house ABA behavioral therapist and facilities administrator for multiple behavioral treatment homes in the Marion and Polk communities. While there, she received a Medallion of Excellence for her decade of service to the developmentally disabled nonprofit community. During her tenure, she learned about the role of a union and gained invaluable insight into the grievance process and its importance to the labor community. She has always had a passion for advocacy and knew, no matter the path she took, advocating for others would be part of it. 


In her free time, Tirzah is an avid artist, frequently showing at galleries in the Portland and Salem area and is mom to twin boys with her longtime partner.

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